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Archive your old photos, negatives, and slides

Stop the effects of time by transferring your precious memories to a digital format. We offer high quality scanning / archiving of photos, slides, and negatives to a digital format.

Whether you have one photo album or a generation of photos to preserve, Create My Lasting Memories will scan your photos with the care your memories deserve.

All of our scanning / archiving services include a complementary Thumbnail Album for quick reference at no additional cost. Create My Lasting Memories offers reasonable prices and several options for digital storage.

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Interested In Learning More About Scanning / Archiving?

Scanning and image correction of your photos, slides, and negatives to a digital format is very time intensive process and requires knowledge and experience with photo correction and restoration to bring out the best possible composition from faded and damaged photos. Consumer grade scanners are generally low resolution and provide poor color representation and, additionally, free or consumer graphic editing software does not provide the best highlights, mid-tones, and shadows your memories deserve.

Advantages of Scanning / Archiving Your Photos, Slides, and Negatives
Here are a few;

  • First and most importantly, digital photos do not age or deteriorate.
  • Second, digitized photos are easier to view. You do not need to sort through albums or boxes. You just sit at your computer or flipped through the convenient Thumbnail Album to view your photos.
  • Third, digital images offer flexibility that paper photos do not. Print as many photos as you like, anytime you want.

Take your photo DVD to your favorite Photo Finisher or use your own Photo Printer and print just the photos you need. Digital images are stored in a lot less space than paper photos. Do you have closets full of shoeboxes full of old pictures, envelopes with old negatives, carousels full of slides, and photo albums? Also, you can make a copy of the DVD to store in another location for safekeeping or share with family and friends. Digital photos are ideal for scrapbookers because you can print just the photos you need and only the ones you need. Digital photos can make unique gifts. Put your favorite photo on a keepsake and create a custom photo gift. Keep family memories close on photo mugs, personalized magnets or photo coasters. Mom and Grandma will treasure a photo tote bag, keepsake box, T-Shirt or canvas print made just for her. Give Dad a photo mouse pad or a desk organizer. A luggage tag will brighten Dad's travel. Or, make a one-of-a-kind photo calendar or tiled mug for a favorite teacher. And, everyone loves fun gifts like playing cards and puzzles!

All of our archiving services includes an attractive thumbnail album

What We Do
We take your treasured photos, slides, and negatives and scan them in-house, individually, and by-hand with our professional photo scanners to ensure the highest quality possible. We retouch the photos to remove dust and scratches. For negatives, we additionally use Digital ICE technoloy, which automatically removes surface defects, such as dust and scratches. Then, we enhance color, contrast, exposure, and saturation by hand. Next, we remove red eye, de-skew, crop, and repair minor wrinkles and tears. View samples of our Photo Repair and Restoration. Once all photos are digitally corrected, we create grouping folders based on your request and save to a DVD. A complementary Thumbnail Album is created and printed on our high quality 6 color photo printer for easy reference.

Optional services are available such as: resolution reduction (for Web, email, TV resized), external hard drive storage for archiving, and removing photos from albums or slides from carousels then replacing them.

What we Scan / Archive
We scan the following photos, negatives, and slides;

  • All paper photos up to 8 1/2”x11 1/2”
  • Negatives (35mm strips, 120/220, and 4”x5”)
  • 35mm Slides

How do I get started?
It's easy to get going.

Organize your old photos, slides and negative on CD/DVD



Optional Services Available
For an additional cost, we offer the option of Reduced Resolution DVD. We can also provide additional completed sets of DVD's, remove photos and slides from albums and carousels. Additionally, archived photos store best on a portable USB Hard Drive.

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Photos, Slides, and Negatives Scanning / Archiving Pricing Information

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