You can put 120 minutes of video on a DVD You may edit your DVD conversion at home
Combine your video clips onto one dvd
We will remove 95-100% of the static/blue/blank screens

If you have questions about Create My Lasting Memories and creating your Video Tape to DVD Conversions / Transfers, please browse our FAQ's.

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There are other companies offering video tape to DVD conversions/transfers. How do I know you are right for me?
Create my Lasting Memories has extensive experience in preserving and showcasing your memories.  We utilize state of the art equipment to aid in the converting and transferring of your video tape to DVD.  In addition, our experts have the latest software to enhance and correct your tape to the maximum benefit.  Your memories are important to us and we take the greatest pride in your satisfaction.  Together We Create Lasting Memories.
How long will it take for my completed order to be returned?
Unless you specified to have your order “Rushed”, the estimated time for production completion is 10 business days from the date we receive your materials, depending on the package ordered. Extremely complex or large orders may take longer. If you need your order completed and returned in less than 10 business days, please contact us before ordering.
What if the DVD format becomes obsolete in the future?
Your DVD’s are not encrypted.  The digital video file on your DVD may be extracted and converted to future formats as technology develops.
What is Static/blue/blank screen removal?
We will remove 95-100% of the static/blue/blank screens that show up on your tape between clips.  Small sections (less than 2 or 3 seconds long) of static/blue screens may occasionally be missed, but large sections will be removed.
I have many video tapes and I don't know the length of the video on each tape. I would like to have everything put onto DVDs. What should I do?
We can determine the total number of DVDs required for converting / transferring of your video tapes.  Please use the Video Tape to DVD Conversion/Transfer Worksheet and indicate in "Additional Comments" to create as many DVDs as necessary
There is more than 120 minutes of video on my tape. Will you transfer only the first 120 minutes to DVD?
We can determine the total number of DVDs required for converting/transferring your video tapes. Please use the Video Tape to DVD Conversion Worksheet and indicate in the Additional Comments to create as many DVDs as necessary.
Why the approximate 120 minute limit?
While it is possible to fit more than 120 minutes of video on a DVD, we do not recommend it because of video degradation. To fit more video data on a DVD-R,more compression is required and the result is lower video quality.
Can you convert/transfer only a part of my tape to DVD?
We can include any portion of your video tape if you indicate the minutes and seconds for the start and end times you want inserted on your DVD. The Video Tape to DVD Conversion Worksheet has a location to note the start and end times for each video tape.
My video tape is broken. Can you repair it?
We will perform a video tape basic repair for an additional $25.00 charge. Indicate Request the repair on the Video Tape to DVD Conversion Worksheet.
What video tapes do you convert?
We convert/transfer the following video tape formats to DVD;
Do you have any restrictions regarding the content of the video tape?
There are several instances where your video tape will be returned without being converted to DVD. If we do not convert/transfer your video tape for any of the following reasons, all of your materials and the associated costs will be refunded to you minus any shipping expenses:
  • Blank video tape
  • Non-supported Format (such as PAL)
  • Copy protection
  • Copyright concerns
  • Video with too much physical damage
  • Illegal activities

Can I order a DVD conversion and then use the DVD at home to edit the video?
Yes, we do not encrypt our DVD's. You may try editing directly from the Video DVD as it is in the standard DVD MPEG2 format. Many non-linear video editing system (NLE) software packages import video directly from DVD's? Review your NLE Userís Guide.
Will the video quality of the DVD be better than the original video tape?
The DVD will match the video quality of your tape at the time of conversion.
Can you convert PAL format video tapes to NTSC DVDís?
We do not currently offer this service.
Will the video sound on the DVD be in stereo?
If the audio portion of your video tape was recorded in stereo, the DVD will be in stereo.
Is video editing included in the price?
Create My Lasting Memories provides basic video editing such as simple trimming of the start and end points, removing noise, enhancing the color & contrast, and stabilizing & sharpening the picture at additional charge.
Is custom video editing available, such as, editing out sections or shuffling the sequence of video segments?
Please contact us and we will quote a price based on your request. Our charge is $60.00 per hour with a 1/2 hour minimum.
Each of my video tapes contain less than 60 minutes of video. Can you combine two or more video tapes into one DVD?
We can combine 2 short videotapes (max. 120 minutes of total video) into one DVD. Each additional tape, after the first two, that you wish to add to the DVD simply adds a small amount (currently $10.00 per additional tape) to the overall DVD cost.
Will I need to watch the DVD on a computer only?
No, the DVD Conversion we create can be watched with a set-top DVD player or a computer equipped with a DVD-ROM drive. Just insert the DVD disk into the DVD player and play to watch on the TV. Note, DVD players generally older than 3 years don't play Recorded DVD's well.
What is the best way to send my materials to Create My Lasting Memories?
We recommend that you use carriers with tracking capabilities, such as FedEx or UPS. These carriers offer Pickup service as well. We have had excellent experience with FedEx ground service. However, if you would prefer to use express or overnight service for the return shipping and are willing to assume the additional cost, we will honor your preferences.
Will all of my original materials be returned to me?
Anything you send to Create My Lasting Memories (photos, slides, negatives, paper media, music CDs, photo CDs, video tapes, etc.) will be returned to you with your completed order. We do not keep or discard anything which is sent to us by you, and we handle your possessions with the greatest of care at all times.
How do I know you will return my materials in the same condition as you received them?
We know how important your videos and photos are and we understand why you would be worried. Videos and photos are irreplaceable and the memories they evoke. We treat them as if they are our own. To this day, Create My Lasting Memories has never lost or damaged any video or photo entrusted to us. We guarantee your video and photos will be returned to you in the same condition as we received them, unless something catastrophic happens that is out of our control. Due to the shipping process being totally outside our control, we do need to ask you to sign a waiver on our order form that absolves us of any responsibility for your materials during the shipping process.
Will you keep a copy of my DVD?
Create My Lasting Memories will keep the master of your DVD on file for a period of 12 months, for purposes of re-ordering unless you specify that we don’t.
Can I order additional copies of my DVD Conversion/Transfer?
Yes, at the time of purchase you can order additional copies of your DVD Conversion. Create My Lasting Memories will keep master of your DVD on file for a period of 12 months and you may re-order any time during that period. You can even send your family and friends to our website to re-order for themselves!
Why donít you use DVD adhesive labels?
Labels are fine for short-term use on CDs. That's about it. DVDs are more susceptible to the unbalancing forces that occurs when labels are applied, even 1/2mm off-center. DVD label stompers can't get it perfect. So when you label DVDs, you take a bigger risk that the DVD won't spin right.

The bigger problem comes from the labels themselves, a layer of paper over a layer of adhesive. We know adhesive does not age well, turning yellow, hard, and peel off. That will eventually happen with the DVD labels. And as the paper ages, it will become brittle and may warp & lift, separating from the old adhesive and possibly damaging the DVD player. Paper DVD labels have much less longevity than the DVD media does, so you're limiting the DVD lifespan. The DVD label will eventually make the DVD unusable before the DVD natural life span is up.

All DVD art is printed directly on high quality DVD media with our professional photo printer.
Is there a difference between DVD cases and CD cases?
The center hub of a DVD is more fragile than that of a CD. Unlike CD’s, DVDs are made of two discs bonded together using a spin coating process. Sometimes this manufacturing process does not always completely bond the center hub of the DVD. This does not mean the DVD is bad, care should always be used when removing DVDs from cases. Additionally, storing DVD’s in an incorrect case may cause the hub to crack, damaging the DVD. At Create My Lasting Memories, we only use DVD approved cases for your DVD's.
What forms of payment do you accept?
Create My Lasting Memories accepts personal checks, money orders, or credit card payments through PayPal. You are not required to have a PayPal account to purchase from us.
I have some specific questions that I want answered. How can I go about it?
You can contact us and we will be glad to answer all your questions.