How to order digital photos placing an order for photo scanning
archiving your old pictures to cd
negatives and slides corrected using digital ice

Create My Lasting Memories offers high quality scanning / archiving of photos, slides, and negatives at an affordable price. Minimum order $30.00.

Placing a Photos, Slides, and Negatives Scanning order can be intimidating. We have simplified the steps and created a very friendly process.  

If you have any questions on our pricing or features please
contact us.

Material to download:


Select, Arrange, and Count Your Photos
Collect and organize your photos, slides and negatives. If you need your photos in a certain sequence, number your photos by placing Post-It (sticky) notes on the back of each. Please do not write on your photos with pen or ink, and please do not place your Post-It notes on the front of the photos. Negative counts are based on frames, not per film strip.

Complete the Photos, Slides, and Negatives Scanning Worksheet and Ship
Your original materials must be accompanied by a completed and signed Photos, Slides, and Negative Scanning Worksheet. The complementary is available in a PDF format. Package your photos, slides, negatives, completed Photos, Slides, and Negatives Scanning Worksheet and payment in full (if paying with check or money order). Drop off your package at a local UPS/FedEx location. For shipping details, please Contact Us or call Lewis or Jeannine Thompson at 951-245-2301.

Production Time
Unless you have placed a Rush Order, the estimated time for production completion is 10 business days from the date we receive your materials, depending on the package ordered. Extremely complex or large orders may take longer. If you need your order returned in less than 10 business days, please contact us before placing your order.

Order Completion
Create My Lasting Memories will contact you as soon as your completed order is ready to ship.  An email will contain a link to make your final payment, if paying by credit card.  Once payment is received, your Photos, Slides, and Negatives Scanning and all of your originally submitted materials (photos, slides, negatives, etc.) will be shipped to you via FedEx.

If you need assistance, please contact us.

Customize this package with optional add-ons. See Pricing Information for more Information.